Building on Tradition

Since we value the skills and methods of traditional wooden boatbuilding, our team is highly trained in all aspects of wooden boat restoration and repair, from modern cold-molded construction techniques to traditional plank on frame methods.  We share a commitment to maintaining the knowledge and skills necessary to preserve and promote wooden boats.

As opposed to general carpentry, shipwright services are directly related to the methods and techniques used in traditional wooden boat construction. Our shipwrights at Bristol Marine are experienced at individual or large format planking repairs and replacement for wooden hulls, refastening projects, as well as steam bent or laminate frame construction and replacement. Besides major structural repair projects, our team specializes in traditional caulking methods for proper maintenance of underwater seams to ensure your wooden boat is as sound as when she was first launched.

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Plank and Frame Replacement

Replacing damaged or deteriorated planks and frames in the hull, requires skilled craftsmanship to seamlessly integrate new components and maintain the vessel’s structural integrity.

Hull Refastening

Hull refastening entails removing and replacing worn fasteners to preserve the boat’s structural stability, ensuring the right sized and corrosion-resistant fasteners are used to keep the vessel seaworthy


The meticulous process of sealing plank seams to make a boat watertight,  safeguarding buoyancy requires skill and experience, both hallmarks of our team.

Plank on Frame Construction

Employing the traditional method of plank-on-frame construction entails carefully selecting and shaping planks attached to the boat’s wooden frame, creating a durable and seaworthy hull.

Wooden Spar Building and Repair

This service involves crafting or repairing masts, booms, and other structural elements crucial for sailing vessels, ensuring their proper construction and maintenance for optimal performance and durability.

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