Marine Carpentry

Traditional Techniques for Modern Vessels

The craftsmanship required to create, restore and maintain boats has been cultivated on the New England coastline as far back as the 17th century. While wood used to be the primary material for ship building, today our skilled carpenters use woodwork to fuse form and function through legacy details, cabinetry, decking, rails and other moldings. With our craftsmen, Bristol Marine is helping to keep this heritage alive.  

Teak and other wood accents can have a profound impact on a boat’s visual impact and enjoyment. Some boat owners have come for a repair to existing components, whether teak decking, toe rails, interior cabinetry or rebuilding a helm face. Others have brought ideas for introducing entirely new features to their boat, like a teak transom, redesigned interior galley, widened settees or berths. Our marine carpenters thrive on the challenges put before them to take a boat’s look, feel or functionality and make it better.

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Teak decking

We can make repairs to older decks to extend their lives, but also have the skills and ability to start from scratch with an entirely new teak deck.

Exterior wood details

Salvage damaged toe rails with a clean repair, or spruce up your boat a new detail such as a teak transom or coach roof eyebrow.  

Interior refits 

Our yards have the skills and design support to modify and improve any space on your boat from simple to complex. 

Surfaces and veneers 

Countertops, veneers, flooring… we can give you options to replace them and make the inside look fresh again.

Exterior hardware 

Hardware inspection, repair and replacement is a vital part of boat maintenance that we don’t overlook

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