New Look and Feel, Same Soul

A refit can encompass all of a boat’s features: from systems, to cosmetics, to new arrangements and detail work. Refits can be large or small, full or partial. Some take a few days, others require several years spanning multiple off-seasons.

What will your refit look like?

While some boat owners have a very clear objective in mind when they first engage Bristol Marine on a refit, others require assistance and even outside surveyors, engineers or naval architects to help define their plan. Our job is to help customers make informed decisions on their refit.

Rebuilding Boats; Building Trust

Our approach for any refit is to start with a clearly defined scope. In our consultative service environment, we always pair owners with a project manager to align with their timeline, lifestyle, budget and vision. We build long-term relationships, by accurately estimating work and then coming in with quality results, under budget and on schedule.

See these refit results for yourself!
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