Maintenance & Repair

Keeping Your Vessel Ship Shape

Regular wear and accidental damage can conspire to keep you off of the water. Bristol Marine’s breadth of services, multiple locations and extensive expertise make it easier to get your boat back to its peak performance– and keep it there. Maintenance is not just for engines and systems! Maintaining your investment requires care and attention to all parts of your boat.

Winterization: Following a sea trial, we do a full diagnostic report on every boat we winterize. The results, along with oil samples and sea trial results, are presented to owners so that they can help us develop an offseason service plan for their boat to help ensure good performance with their boat.

Hull and deck maintenance: Regular care is required for all boats. Whether wood, fiberglass, aluminum or steel, the sun, salt and the elements take a toll on your boat. We will inspect your vessel and make recommendations to extend the life of the boat and keep it looking great.

Underwater protection: Salt water is hard on boats, and particularly below the waterline. Though “out of sight, out of mind” for many boat owners, care for the hull bottom and underwater gear (props, rudders, trim tabs) with zincs and quality coatings is essential to performance and longevity.

Repairs: More and more, boating seasons are cut short by storm damage or collisions with other boats. Our skilled craftsmen and project managers can team up to get your boat looking great, safe and performing. We’ve pulled boats off of rocks after hurricanes and made them look like new, leaning on every skilled trade. Paint, fiberglass, gelcoat, metal, wood (cosmetic or structural), rigging, engine and systems… our skilled techs can create from scratch, or replicate to bring a boat back.

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