Full-Service Boatyards and Marinas

Serving our customers where everything at Bristol Marine comes together. By fostering a working waterfront we help to ensure the skilled trades remain active along New England’s historic coastline. Their passion motivates our team to treat your vessel with the care it deserves.

Whether your boat needs basic service, a full refit or complete restoration, our team of craftsmen and technicians have the ability to complete the transformation. Equally important and often overlooked, carefully planned vessel maintenance will help keep your vessel performing well and looking great for years.

Looking for high-quality marine services in New England?

Explore our service offerings and always feel free to contact us so we can point you in the right direction.

Restoration & Boat Building

Restoring historic or well-used watercraft can save money and memories. The experts at Bristol Marine have the skill, experience and service to bring older vessels back to their best or even build from scratch.

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Maintenance & Repair

Properly maintaining your boat can prevent undue damage and wear. From knowing the best way to store and maintain for vessel to having the skills and availability to handle any unforeseen harm, Bristol Marine can get you and your family back on the water faster.

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By updating your vessel’s components to improve its performance and safety, refit services from Bristol Marine can breathe new life into an older craft. Take advantage of the latest technology while maintaining the spirit of your special vessel.

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Storage Slips & Moorings

Our three locations boast a variety of storage solutions from slips and moorings to heated on-land storage. We make the most of the off-season by using your time in storage to perform updates, maintenance and repair, ensuring your boat is ready to hit that water as soon as you are.

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